Blueprints for an Architectural project

Currently I am working on an Architectural demo project using ue4 and I am looking for someone to create blueprints for that project.

this is link the project Touch AppVR - YouTube

I have managed to create few blueprints like main menu, 6DOF for the building, Playing video and sliding Still images using the button function somehow watching tutorials.
Those BPs have to be replaced with more precise way( I will give you the references)
And Have to create BPs for Touchscreen (windows and IOS ).
BPs have to be created for the interior space toggle the materials for sofa, Floor and walls.
BP for changing sun orientation Dynamically (morning to evening)
Few more BPs for the main building to touch (select) the apartment type and see the specifications for the apartment etc.

Please message me with the details like time and amount.

feel free to reach me if any questions about this project.

Thank you.

Hello Arun, Let’s connect to discuss more about the project.

**@arunkumart **sent you a PM