Blueprints for an Architectural project

Currently working on an architectural project for a real-estate Company. Deliverables are to create an interactive touch screen application for windows to show their property in a precise way.

I need to create 1. one blue prints for main menu, which has 6 different buttons containing 5 levels and one BACK option.

2.BP for interior space where we can toggle materials for furniture, floors and walls and entire space should be navigated through touch inputs.

3.BP for exterior Building, where we can navigate the building 6DOF( I have created spring arm ) and when we touch the specific part of the building it should show the information of the building like Area in Sft , Floor plans etc.

I am looking for some one to create BP s for this project. Full details I will share when we discuss about the project. Please come up with the proposal.

Please have a look

Thank you.