blueprints export/import to html format idea

I wonder if there an visual blueprint in html form like one of those copy paste sites. It would make the work flow better and understand how it node works a bit. To able to export the layout of the blueprints in any formats just for html to view into. Like any unreal engine 4 version may different as well backward compatible versions. To import the layout for that blueprints.

Something like this from the site that I got an idea from.

It might be useful for post forum on visual blueprint like in unrealengine editor like you don’t have to print screen them which they can be big and hard to see some time. That what I think is good idea but better improve and share.

Hi Lightnet, I totally agree! We have glorious plans for sharing blueprints that should make you very happy :smiley: We should have a lot more information to share in the next couple of months.