Blueprints Event Tick and Print String not triggered in Sequencer?

What is a good way of triggering/printing stuff on scrubbing in the sequencer? I’ve tried a basic print string in a blueprint which I added to the Sequencer, and piped “Event Tick” to a print string, but that does not get triggered when scrubbing the Sequencer timeline. Even if I call print string from "Construction Script" and animate the “spawn” parameter (which I see spawning in the outliner) it’s not being triggered.


Sequencer is kinda mysterious to me. It would appear that there are two ways of recording with sequencer(4.25):

  1. with sequencer
  2. with sequencer recorder.

each with their own unique ways or idiosyncrasies.

i have briefly tested a blueprint with both methods.

  1. a) doesnt show anything via the scrubber. (print string or animating a moving cube upwards)

  2. b) record blueprint custom event via sequence director or record begin play
    you can hit render movie directly.

  3. a) doesnt show anything via the scrubber (print string or animating a moving cube upwards)

  4. b) record begin play only… doesnt seem to have access to the sequence event track.
    you have to access the sequence that was recorded and render movie from that.

With that being said, i could only record iclone livelink animation via sequence recorder. Print string from a blueprint will not gather any results from both methods. And it might be possible to copy and paste specific tracks from recorded sequence to another sequence. So the possibility are endless… as does the bewilderment and confusion.

You can create an event trigger track on your blueprint, right click and bind it to an event (ie. a print string node). If you want it to print as you’re scrubbing, you’ll need to enable “Call in Editor” in that right click menu of the event key.

Here’s some docs if that helps: