Blueprints Equal Vector Node Not Working?

So I created an “EqualVector” node in my blueprint to check the scale of the object. I have this attached to a branch node so when it reaches a certain size it moves on in the graph but the problem I am having is when the scale value and the default value in the “EqualVector” are the same it still sends that it’s false instead of true. I have the default value set to 1 and the actor scale set to .8 and increment .1 every 10 seconds. The “EqualVector” works when I type 1 in all of the slots. Is this a bug or am I doing something stupid?

In case anyone else runs into this problem I learned that due to floating-point precision errors that can occur while processing the value may be off by a small fraction. Although if the value is not 100% the same it will send false. In version 4.6 Epic put in a tolerance feature into the node to accommodate to this problem. What I ended up doing to get this to work is by splitting the vector and checking a small range of just one axis as the condition. This works for me because all 3 axes will be the same size.

Awesome post man! I’m glad you posted the solution also. I don’t doubt some people are going to be running into this problem!