[Blueprints] EQS Line of Sight Visualization

Hi, I’ve been working on making some improvements to the vision arc generation module in Top Down Stealth Toolkit and decided to experiment with an alternative approach using the Environment Query System. While it doesn’t provide as much control over the process when compared to a completely handcrafted system, I found it to be a much easier framework to implement the Line of Sight visualization. I’ve shared the finished project on GitHub. So feel free to grab it at: https://github.com/RohitKotiveetil/U…tVisualization

You can also check out a short preview video over here:

The basic underlying logic revolves around the use of EQS query results to keep updating a procedural mesh component. The core systems, with the exception of EQS query itself, is packaged to be used as a child actor component, and can thus be integrated into new agents without any hassle. The parent actor only needs to implement an interface that is used to communicate information about its vision range to the aforementioned child actor component. I’ll upload a tutorial going over the integration process, sometime over the weekend. Meanwhile, if anyone’s interested in the system, feel free to use it in your projects.

I’m trying to open your project in UE 4.21.2 but the loading process hangs at 45%. Have you experience the same issue?

Hi, I just tried it out and seems to be working fine at my end. I’ve come across stuck at 45% issue quite a few times in the Answer Hub. You’ll probably find a solution there.