Blueprints Disable/Enable Input Question.

Hey guys, I’m working on my first game in blueprints and have encountered something of a conundrum. When my character dies I am using the Disable Input Function, so that the player can no longer move the pawn. However I want to make it so that the player must hit a key/button in order to respawn, but the existing “Disable Input” function prevents said button presses from registering. Does anyone know how to enable/disable individual inputs? Thanks in advance!

Disable input does exactly that, disables input.

You could make a Bool variable and use that to know if the player is alive.

Then just make a branch on each of your input nodes checking if the player is alive. Pretty simple, does the job.

Awesome, I’ll try that out. Thank you very much.

Tried your method and it worked like a charm. Thanks a ton.

No problem. Glad to help