Blueprints Created from C++ classes clearing variables

Is anyone encountering a issue when creating new c++ variables it causes previous variables to be cleared in blueprints created from that class? This is occurring in 4.18 and we just upgraded to 4.18.1 and it is still occurring.

Are you using hot reload?

Yes we use hot reload. Does this cause variables to be cleared?

If you edit header files while using hot-reload, usually this is going to happen.
I’m not so sure because I just don’t use it. The “Unity workflow” really doesn’t work in Unreal…

We have been doing this for a while now, and the problem just started to happen in 4.18.

You can try to delete the intermediate folder, generate then compile the project, and/or create new blueprints/classes etc tho no guarantee any of these will help. Similar issues where bp’s loosing their default settings circulate for a while, some of them are considered misterious issues usually. You can do some research on answerhub, see if you will find the most suitable report of your scenario, or you can try to setup a simple reproduction for this in 4.18, then just go ahead and submit a new one.