Blueprints: Compacted Branch Nodes

I find that once I create a group of nodes, I don’t ever want to look at them again because I know they work. It’d be nice to clean this up by collapsing them within things like branch statements. Here’s a picture which describes what I’m getting at:

Box select the nodes and right-click, choose ‘Collapse Nodes’. This should give you exactly what you want, and you can double-click to see inside or right-click to re-expand later.


Yeah, that’s very close to what I’m looking for. I’ll play with it a bit more.

The difference between collapsing nodes and my suggestion is that collapsing nodes also collapses the branch and that causes me to lose sight of the high level control structures I’m using. The work around is to just comment the collapsed node with the label “Branch” before appending my conditional string comment, which is probably good enough.

If you open up a collapsed node, it opens a new tab instead of opening the logic inline with the rest of the blueprint. It’d be nice to have a floating inline window which is much bigger than the preview window we currently get :slight_smile:

Did you tried using macros?