Blueprints Communication Trouble

What I’m trying to do is have a set of automatic sliding doors for a building entrance that won’t work until you find a circuit breaker box and flip it. I have the movement of the sliding doors working, and on I have other elements of my circuit breaker working, including the motion of the lever being pulled and a sparking particle effect that stops when you have interacted with it.

My problem is setting up the trigger for the sliding doors to stay dormant until the Circuit Breaker BP is interacted with, with the interaction activating that function of my doors BP. I’m not quite sure how to set this up. As is, everything I’ve tried seems to have the doors’ trigger active by default, making it so you don’t have to interact with the breaker. The only thing I found that prevents that is to turn off Generate Overlap Events on the trigger for the doors, but I don’t know ho0w to - if it’s even possible with this method - turn them back on through my script and have that be what my custom event call engages. In short, I know how to set up Blueprint interaction including Interfaces, and have the different pieces I need, just not sure what specific Function nodes I should have and elements in the Details panel I should be modifying to achieve this effect. If you could point me the right way I’d appreciate it. Thanks guys.

the easiest method i can think of would be to have when the breaker is activated it changes a variable on the door, that variable would be connected to a branch and would prevent the script from running until the variable becomes set to true.

the below picture shows what i mean. near the bottom you will see the blueprint for the breaker where the breaker is activated using the 3 key, then it takes a reference to the door and sets its unlocked variable to true. to get this reference you would just need to make a variable of type actor then it public and set it from the details panel once you put the blueprint in your scene. as for the door blueprint near the top, its a basic on overlap activation but it runs through two checks before actually running the script to open the door. the first check is to see if its the player that is overlapping, and the second checks to see if the door is unlocked. if either check is false then the door will not open.

Finally figured out how to it exactly the way I was wanting to. The “Set Collision Enabled” function node is the key. So I left my Generate Overlap Events for the box collision component of my BP set to on, but then implemented that function. With it you can set the specific status of collisions for the referenced object. So I set one of these to No Collision and attached that to my EventBeginPlay scripts, then I set another to Query Only and attached that to my Custom Event, the latter activating collisions for the box collision component.

Basically, now when the game starts, collisions are possible but automatically turned off by my EventBeginPlay. Then, when I interact with the Circuit Breaker BP, my BP Interface sends a message to the Circuit Breaker BP to execute, which in turn sends a message to my Custom Event on the Doors BP to execute, which in turn changes the collision status on so that when I return to the doors they’ll open as scripted to.

Funny how knowing the single correct function node to use can be the key to unlocking everything, right?

Appreciate the feedback and will keep it in mind for the future because it might be a better fit for other things I’m trying to do, but I did figure out how to do exactly what I was trying to. Glad all the same for the help though; sometimes nobody replies to these and it can be frustrating. Cheers.