Blueprints Break Rotator result not in scope

I have a variable Local_ActorRot of type Rotator defined in my Blueprint as well as a float variable Local_InputAngle. I also have a function StoreCameraRot in the same blueprint. When I use BreakRotator to get Yaw and store it into Local_InputAngle, all the components of the BreakRotator result as “not in scope” and my variable remains allways 0 even though the Rotator is changing. The same thing happens if I try using BreakRotator directly in Event Graph (outside of a function).

Hi NenadM,

This is expected behavior. There are a number of nodes, such as break rotator, break vector, etc. that do not appear in scope. The XYZ on the break Rotator don’t appear in scope because this function node is simply transmitting data from one type to another, they aren’t technically "real’ values in a sense, but a means to pass real values between two value types.

Sorry to contradict that but Break Vector components (X,Y,Z) do apperar to be in scope - I tried that for comparison. Anyhow my problem remains: how else can I get the yaw I need other than using Break Rotator?

Hi NenadM,

Interesting, this may have been a recent addition to the editor that I missed. I tested on my end and sure enough you can view variables in scope on break nodes, I will keep this in mind for the future. I did a bit more digging and remembered that there is a bug report, UE-20846, that is specifically for variables appearing not in scope within Custom Functions. Can you try this in a custom event within the main event graph to see if the error is reproducible there?

I can confirm that as of version 4.10.1 Break Rotator now works and I can get the components from it. Thanks!