[Blueprints] Binoculars (with Enemy Tagging support)

Created a new Binoculars system partly inspired by the Int-Scope from Metal Gear Solid V, with support for tagging enemies and visualization of occluded actors. Feel free to grab the project files from GitHub at: https://github.com/RohitKotiveetil/U…ne–Binoculars

Preview Video:

The Binoculars blueprint uses a step zoom system that uses the formula mentioned here to calculate an estimated FoV for various zoom levels. Most of the core logic is decoupled from the player character by having the Binoculars as a child actor component that does all the work.

The enemy tagging system is using a custom widget component drawn at screen space with distance-based alignment corrections (shown below) applied to ensure that the tag always hovers just above the target regardless of whether you’re viewing it up close, or from a distant vantage point.

Apart from that, it also supports highlighting of tagged enemies that are occluded by walls. The highlight post-process material is using a modified version of Rodrigo Villani’s outline material to render both outlines & a translucent filling for occluded actors.

man, you are the man ! :slight_smile:

@issam1975 Thanks man! Just exploring Unreal one step at a time. :slight_smile:

Really cool

Thanks @AlphaWolF!

Thank you once again @Stormrage256 for doing amazing free work. I am working on a stealth project and i was going to make something similar anyways so thanks for saving me time and effort. It was wellmade and worked as charm.

You’re welcome @OX_Rexid. I’m glad to hear that you found it helpful. :slight_smile:

Kind of late again with the write-up, but published a new post aimed at providing a high-level design overview of the Enemy Tagging System included in this project: Unreal Engine Experiments: Enemy Tagging System.

For anyone that’s interested in using it in your own work, this should hopefully provide a good insight into the underlying workflow.

Mate is it work on TPS?

It’ll work, but unlike in first person, you might have to either hide the player character mesh or move the camera in front of it when equipping the binoculars. This will ensure that you don’t see the character mesh when using the Binocular view.

I am new in UE, how to move the camera when equipping?

I tried this but, the camera always back to TPS after I press the binocular input button. https://streamable.com/igj07v

You can get the camera component and change its relative location such that it ends up right in front of your character’s head. Something like this should do:

Similarly, just change it back to the default location when unequipping the binoculars.

This binocular system is just great! I was always interested how different binoculars work.

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