Blueprint's BeginPlay fires 8 times

Hey people, so I don’t use BeginPlay too often in my project but when I wanted to do so in a certain Blueprint I found out that it fires 8 times and even ignoring the DoOnce node.
This problem only occurs in a single blueprint and it’s duplicates, other BPs and the Level BP are intact.
Thanks for your help !

Obviously it will fire as many times, as instances you have.


I actually know this already, I guess I’m just tired that I’m not thinking straight anymore lol.
Anyways I won’t delete the topic just incase another fellow noob faces the same issue.
Thank you ClockworkOcean !


This is a great question, and just to add to the amazing explanations above: I was running into this issue on my first game I released and I had to ask myself “where is this running?”. Once I understood that a blueprint could run multiple places at the same time (e.g. clients, server, etc …), it made things so much easier to understand why it was happening. From there I just figured out where it’s really supposed to run and make the necessary changes. It also forced me to learn more about each of those individual pieces of the framework that are critical in this process.

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