Blueprints Be Like

Blueprints Be Like …


I agree. Making bigger blueprint projects shows exactly what “spaghetti code” means.

I hope UE5 will have script, pointers in UE C++ crashing and sometimes corrupting whole project because single mistake somewhere is totally unfun.

I think I’m bit scared. Not for the faint-hearted like me the first thing that pops in my mind is anything as robust as snapshots (ZFS or whatever). And that was funny, “spaghetti code”, literally :slight_smile:

Not my cooking btw! :stuck_out_tongue: I borrowed those pics from HERE just in case you’re curious.
As no one wants to be on the receiving end of that kind of spaghetti from a teammate. :smiley:

If you’re just starting out, don’t worry. Comparing the patch-board above to Blueprints and saying that’s how its going to be for you is a bit of a MYTH… That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It just means it doesn’t have to. The real wiring nightmares happen in the real-world such as working with wiring harnesses after a car / plane accident.:mad: But its good to know and be warned now, that Blueprints can get messy especially during prototyping, if you don’t plan ahead. But there’s events, sub-graphs, macros, functions, macro-function libraries and reroute nodes to help keep things clean for when you need them. Overall though, its better to zero the editor splines and use straight lines instead of using the editor defaults imo, and copy variables instead of just dragging the same variable wire everywhere. :wink:

Thanks for your insights! Yeah I’m just fresh new to UE. The funny part is my original intention on the post was saying blueprints getting overly complicated like the keyboard picture! How innocent am I? hahahaha. But really nice being able to learn something even in the off-topic session. Yesterday I was thinking about how good would be BP having not only reroute nodes but also reference ‘plugs’ as seen in electronics schematic CADs. That’s if a node line is too inconvenient you just cut and place a reference pin, instead of creating variables (or anything) just for this. Another lesson I think is I see many people on internet saying you can make any game using only BP but now I understand BP is not panacea.

And… for me it seems that’s not really easy deciding what’s best ‘style’ to go with BP. For now my feeling is that I should avoid trying to compact information but using board’s space instead. This way it looks like OK using transparency of the expressions, leaving routes behind if it does not prejudice readability.

The main thing I like about Blueprints is not having to hunt down the headers I need to import :smiley:

It does get messy very easily though.

If you are a programmer, the blueprints will suck from a coder’s point of view, because it changes the programming paradigm from traditional writing to a visual one, it’s like not writing, but rather drawing, painting. So if you are an artist you will surely do much better organizing blueprints will be a great tool to create your project.

One of the big changes and headaches in my case is not the blueprint system, it is rather my concept that I have with the traditional programming from top to bottom, by lines of code, but I like them, in the end they are an alternative and it doesn’t matter the tool, it matters the ability you have to paint a work of art with a spray or a charcoal.

So with that said, if you are dyslexic, or an artist, for sure blue planes will be your best option{on, and you will always reach the same goal.