Blueprints as to 3rd party maps.

We as a team are currently switching from old school idtec3 to Unreal 4 of an already well established and long running game with a small but dedicated community of players and as part of that group the involvement of 3rd party mapmakers has always been the backbone of the long running popularity.

At this time however blueprints does represent a clear danger that an individual with malicious intent could reconfigure our design on the fly. Going from a traditional run and gun in mid stride to playing Tappy Chicken for example.

Not a pressing issue but rather a question best brought up now as to the planning process is would it be logical to lock out and cripple the use of blueprints game engine side and the allow our mapmakers to use a compiled version of the blueprint as an in-game entity, and being limited in use.?

Is it even posable that a blueprint could be compiled in a way now one else would be able to make changes?

I don’t think a person can manipulate a game that way, even then, you put the important stuff to be calculated on the server as much as you can.

You should search “unreal tournament 4” forums they face exactly same problem, maybe there is some decent discussion about it.