Blueprints as a way to group objects

I’m looking at using blueprints as a way to “self contain” multiple staticMeshActors. I typically work directly in the world outliner with imported staticMeshes and datasmith cad files. Sometimes I need to use different files, combined different CAD files into one, or completely model a new asset to replace one in an imported datasmith actor.

Now I want to create my own internal asset for Unreal. I’ve been selecting the individual static mesh components and grouping them via blueprints with the /Blueprints/ConvertSelectedComponents…

This is great for grouping the asset, and for keeping it all self contained. But when I want to animate it, I don’t have access to all the individual parts in sequencer when using this new blueprint.

Is it possible to break this blueprint bac kout into its individual components in sequencer or in a new level to be animated?

There is a “Actor Sequence” component, but it’s experimental and works not very well. What about to group the components in a new level and put this level into the main level by world compositing? You can enable world compositing in the world settings of the main level.