Blueprints and future jobs :)

Hello World, -> this is my first time posting here :cool:

So, few months ago i downloaded UE4( which by the way i’m loving). The blueprint system and the full source code is amazing .

  1. I did some google -ing and seen people say you can make a full game using only blueprints << but is this ideal for a full complex game with networking. As you can probably tell I am a programmer. So does this mean i will have no job as a programmer anymore? :frowning: ,

  2. I am a intermediate c/c++ programmer but im new to UE4 programming(c++)->what is the best way to dive into UE4(c++)? and how do i know what inherited functions i can use? like for example i seen you guys use some weird functions out of no where :0

thanks guys and gurls :slight_smile:

Blueprints are definitely programming. Or scripting. Everyone seems to have a different answer on where the split lies.

Suffice to say, anything more complex than wiring up a door to open when you get close is going to be more quickly and more cleanly accomplished by a programmer. Whether they learned to program with Blueprints or with traditional text based languages.

Also note that as a programmer you will probably very quickly encounter situations where it makes more sense to implement something in C++. Just think of Blueprints as a separate language with a quicker iteration time, lower performance, and a significantly different syntax. They’re great for prototyping, and they’re great for simple tasks that aren’t run often. But they’re not great (in my humble opinion) for implementing systems or complex data transformations.

So implement things in Blueprint first, if you quickly feel that C++ syntax would be more clean, switch to that. If something becomes a performance bottleneck (Not if you think it is a bottleneck, always test and profile) rewriting it in C++ is a possible optimization.

Blueprint pins are context sensitive. If you drag a pin out of a node you’ll see all (or at least most) of the options that would be relevant to that type.

Hey, thanks Veovis Mauad’dib :slight_smile:

ok so i will still have some job opportunity :slight_smile: (im still at college), So the blueprint is not great for a complex full on game,

and in second one i mean c++ not blueprint, sorry for not being clear

thanks again

Actually, blueprints are great for any kind of game AAA or a tic-tac-toe, they are not great for every kind of situation.

Blueprints are great for complex, full on games, since they often require scripting lots of little things together. They’re just not well suited for the complex systems driving overall behavior. Again though, just my opinion on that one, and I have seen some impressive systems written in Blueprints.

Oh. Sorry. You want the documentation.

Personally, I use blueprints as a glue between data and code. But most of my logic is still in C++.

hey, sorry to bring this up but i just wanna say thanks(i have been away for a while)