BlueprintNativeEvent does not show up anywhere in EventGraph editor

I’ve implemented the most simple C++ method for BlueprintNativeEvent but nothing I try lets the event actually show up anywhere in the EventGraph editor.

Example in .h file:

class SOMEGAME_API APickup : public AActor

    void OnPickedUp();

In the .cpp file:

void APickup::OnPickedUp_Implementation()
// … do whatever.

This all compiles just fine, but when I close the UE4 editor and reopen it, then create a new Blueprint derived from this class, everything works fine but if I right click and try to AddEvent looking for OnPickedUp event, nothing is there…ever.

I have also turned off Context Sensitive in the editor and all the usual suspects, it’s just not there but by all accounts it should be.

I’ve also tried it with BlueprintImplementableEvent (and of course didn’t implement a C++ function body for that) and that also does NOT show up in the EventGraph.

Any functions I do from Blueprint to C++ direction though, like UFUNCTIONS that are BlueprintCallable show up just fine in the Context Menu when I right click. I seem to only be having this issue going from C++ to Blueprint direction.

Any ideas, or anyone else having this issue?
I’m on UE4 4.6.1 and Mac OS X 10.1

I have verified this seems to be a bug specific to Mac version of UE4.
I rebooted over to Windows, replicated my code, created the new blueprint and my event shows up just fine in the Event Graph when I right click. On Mac, this isn’t working at all for BlueprintImplementableEvent or BlueprintNativeEvent.

Hopefully Epic can fix this in an upcoming version. Seems like the safest thing is to create UE4 games under Windows and forego Mac OS. I’ve been having various odd bugs on the Mac OS platform unfortunately, so it seems like Mac version of UE4 needs some love.

Same bug on Windows with UE4 4.9.1

Confirmed on 4.9.2. Can we get some attention from Epic?