Blueprinting game rules

Hello. I can not find any documentation or videos on how to use the game mode blueprint class to implement game rules.

I have already read this Game Mode and Game State in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation but it only covers the very first part of creating the empty blueprint class. how do i actually make a game with conditions for winning and losing?

I already have all of my gameplay elements set up such as my player character and enemies, the enemies attack and die as they should in the final game, but i want to make it so that you have to kill all the enemies in a level within a limit to advance to the next level. so how do i do that? any help would be amazing!

I am struggling with exactly the same issue. Are there any new insights on this?


Could you not just keep a VAR that has how many left v/s a timer?

yeah what said!

i would imagine that you would just set those up within the blueprint as well.

For example, make a variable that’s “total enemies in level” and another for “Goal” and another for “” and then when your total enemies var meets the goal, you advance. when the runs out, you lose.

I dont think there’s a preset cookie cutter way to do it though, maybe check the sample projects!

hahahah, hilarious looking back on this question 3 years later.

Dont suppose you could provide any links or examples to the question, as google lead me here when I asked it. :slight_smile:

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