BlueprintImplementableEvent not Showing, reason unknown after much searching. Unread 4.12.4

Hello, currently i have been given a particular task, in which i am in need of a BluePrint Implementable Event, following rama’s tutorial

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i ended up with the following code, when adapting it to my needs, here is the header file .h

	//data gathering function
	UFUNCTION(BlueprintImplementableEvent, Category = "Data Gather", meta = (DisplayName = "objeto observado"))
		FString GatherObjectId(const FString& ObjectID);

i have already tried for the function to have either void or FString as the return data type.

in the .cpp, i only have 1 line of code for triggering the event, this one line has yet to cause any problem and so far i dont think it matters in this case, if need be i can post the full code.


Now, the main problem is that i can’t see the event name in the event graph when i search for it, at all. I still consider myself fairly new, so it could be a problem not associated with the code, for more info here is a screen of the components tab of my editor.



I want to mention that I had this problem today. It appeared to me that it’s incapable of having a typed return and then doesn’t show up. The example that opened the question had an FString to be returned and the one that failed for me was typed as an FRotator. Once I made the implementable event void, it had no problem and was hot reloaded and appeared as a usable node.

I think this behavior is even by design since stands to reason that and event and function are different things. But the bottom line is that the BlueprintImplementableEvent doesn’t want to return anything. Remove the typing and it will appear.