Blueprinter Looking for a team to work with, paid or unpaid

Hello, I’m a Blueprinter, and I’m looking for a project to sink my teeth into. I have a lot of free time and am trying to gain as much experience with UE4 as possible.

Paid or unpaid doesn’t matter to me, I’d just like to work with a team that is motivated to work together and make progress on a game.

Very rough examples of some games I’ve made below

Hey I dropped you a pm. We’re working on something that cannot be posted publicly yet. But i’ve sent you a link.

We are working on a game called Dawn of Ascension ( We have a programmer, however, he needs some assistance. You would be working with him and helping him as he needs. If interested, PM me here.

Pm sent check it out.

Sent you a pm, check it out

Bump, I finished the latest thing I was working on and am available again. If you sent a PM and I didn’t reply it’s likely because I didn’t think I was a good fit for the project, but feel free to try again

PM sent :slight_smile: