Blueprinter / Character Creator/ World Creator

Contact via EMAIL for fast response

I am have a lot of free time. Looking to finally make money with this passion hobby. I’ve been coding since 2013. I don’t have any major projects which will be reflected in my pricing.

In terms of blueprints I can combine assets you’ve purchased, I have experience in building entire RPG and ARPG systems. I have some experience with shooters and hundreds of assets that can be used.

Along with my experience, I have Character Creator 3 with Headshot and Premium Skin. I have some props, the Quixel Suite, and Substance Painter. I have more experience with Quixel.

I have World Creator with experience in building landscapes for UE4. I have multiple assets to procedurally texture as well.

My rate is per day. I will negotiate based on the workload size. So if you’re looking for me to make multiple complicated systems it will cost a little more. I wont accept anything I can’t to or if I’m unsure of my ability.

My rate is:
$50 per day for Blueprinting.
$50 per character creator 3 character
$100 for a unique environment

Please provide references and we’ll discuss details on the work.
I require $25 up front or $50 for landscape.

Keep in mind I will use my own assets with a list of sources to credit creators.
My target audience is to help small developers move forward in those moments when incorrect code brings you down. I am looking to contribute and be a part of small teams for my own experience.

I don’t come here often so contact me via email