Blueprint_hud look around bug after menu

Engine Version: 4.6.1

Problem Description: Content sample blueprint_hud map, doesn’t let you turn around the camera more than 90º after open the menu.

Reproduction Steps: 1. Open blueprint_hud map, 2. Press “M” to open the menu. 3. Clic on “Resume”. 4. Try to look around more than 90º.

Tried in editor, new editor windows and standalone game (windowed). It solves after alt+tab, but happens again as soon as open the menu and clic on “Resume”

Hi ikifenix,

Thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce the issue and entered a bug report for our samples team to look at (UE-7052). I will let you know when I see an update on it. In the meantime, it appears that simply clicking in the viewport will remove the window bounds restriction after exiting the menu. Thanks!