Blueprint Zoom Out Maximum

My blueprints are getting big, and a zoom of -12 is not nearly enough anymore.

Only about 5% of the blueprint is visible with zoom out at it’s maximum.

Is it possible to zoom out more?

Not that I know off but at that size they can not possibly all be connected can they?

I’m sure at this size you started to experience a quite significant and apparent drop in performance when working within this blueprint as well.

You should really think about collapsing some systems at least to the point where they fit in the -12 zoom so creating nodes and what not doesn’t take as long. It also helps massively in organizing things since each major connected network of nodes has it’s own graph which allows you to look at comments more easily.

I mean honestly. At -12+ you can’t read multiple comments that are close by anymore at all.

I’ve worked on quite complex blueprints in the past but I’ve never run into this issue because I split everything up as much as possible and logical (I have a few nodes twice? Make a macro!).

Utilizing collapsed nodes, macros and functions more it’s quite manageable.

Though I would still recommend using C++ for such complex things since it is superior in every way.

Readability, organization, speed.

The performance drop is significant indeed, it takes like 5-10 sec to save it. They are all events, can I collapse those?

If you mark all nodes in that comment you can rightclick and select “Collapse nodes”.

It works for everything within your event graph. I think in the construction script as well.

Maybe in functions / macros but that I would not count on.