Blueprint works only in Editor

I’m in a dire need for help. For some unknown reason blueprint works only in Editor. Any other method (Standalone game, Lauch, Packaging) make blueprint broken. Blueprint that is broken is inventory system. On pickup item must be placed into structure and display in inventory widget. Yet nothing happens in stated methods, but in Editor everything works fine. It must be noted that the issue must be in adding the item into structure and displaying it cause in blueprint after adding goes notification about what was gathered. And that notification work fine not only in Editor.
So to sum up: In editor I get notification and item is added and displayed in inventory widget for use, in standalone, lauch or in packaged game i get only notification and item is not added and not displayed. If screenshots of blueprint logic will be needed can provide it.

Very often, the run order or timing varies quite a lot between play in editor and other modes.

It’s a timing problem. Something is not quite ready when you think it is. I don’t know what exactly that is, because I don’t know your setup, but if you trace your code back, you can find it.

You probably need to put some debugging print nodes in there to help you find it.

Thanks for the responce.
Here screenshot of my array addition logic:

Print string in case of Editor launch yield “Stack created:1”.
Print string in case of other methods yield: “Stack created:-1”.
Obviously array element can’t be added to index -1 so i think this is the issue. But I don’t understand why from same logic in-editor lauch yield 1 and other methods launch yield -1. I will try to add 1 to index to make it 0 but it will obviously make it index 2 for in-editor launch then. Not that it matters much if it works but is very strange.

-1 means the item is not found. It’s not an array index.

Yeah, i got it from tooltip ) My bad. Actually the guy I followed for this inventory system made new video with handling this particular issue so the question is solved. Yet thank you very much for your time and effort.

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