Blueprint working in one level, but not in any other (Overlap event fails)

Hello Everyone,

So I ran into a little issue, and its kinda embarrassing - considering that I made the blueprint in the first place…about a year ago. And I was smart enough not to make any documentation. Go me!

Anyway, long story short - It’s a blueprint for a sound system. It plays a sound as long as nothing is overlaping with a trigger box (and vice versa). Now here’s the trick - the triggerbox(es) in question can be selected from the level and referenced in blueprint via an exposed array variable, and then fired off in the blueprint via an overlap event. I needed this because I used the system to block off complex areas with different sound (like the house here), which I can only do via BSP brushes converted to triggers.

First I have no idea how I exposed and made the overlap event work in the blueprint - I tried looking for documentation online without any luck.

And second of all, the blueprint should in theory work in every level, since it does not rely on any outside factors - there is nothing in the level blueprint, or an interpreter blueprint, or anything. At least nothing that I remember.

But it does not. Outisde of this level, it simply refuses to work - the overlap event does not fire - nothing happens. I have no clue how to solve this.

Any alternative methods of solving the same problem would be more than welcome.

I figured out the problem - It seems to be an engine bug. The blueprint works absolutely fine if you change the variable type back to a single actor. Array, for whatever reason, breaks it. Super weird.

Not a big deal to work around, but def more tedious to manually add variables every time.

EDIT: To clarify, my engine version is 4.19.2 - this might not be an issue in later engine versions, but hopefully this helps someone down the road :slight_smile: