Blueprint workflow q: Can you quickly insert a new node between two connected ones?

A lot of times I have a BP structure set up, but I want to insert a new node between two existing, connected, nodes.
Is there a way to quickly do this, without manually breaking connection, and reconnecting both sides?
Would be nice if you could drag and drop a loose node onto a connection string, and it would automatically insert it between them.

If this is not possible yet, let me know if you think this would be a nice addition for a future update


No, as certain nodes still needed to be connected a certain way. A-B-C, you can not get A & C then stick B in the middle. Some nodes you can, some you can not. It has cost me hours, due to a mistake I did not pick up.

Unless this has been fixed in 4.11

Hope this helps,


You can insert a new node onto an exec wire between two nodes by dragging off the left pin, but it doesn’t work for data wires.

You can unpin>hold>reconnect a line by holding ctrl. Other than that explained the current workflow.