(Blueprint Work) Mini Golf Game

Hi there!

I want to start development on a 3D Mini Golf game for PC

I am looking for a Blueprint user to create the mechanical basic parts of the game.

Scene loads up to the first hole, allow for camera to pan around that hole. Fade away to fade back in on the golf ball.

Player will be able to rotate around the golf ball with mouse movement.

The golf ball will have an arrow in front of it that will rotate with the camera (As seen in most golf games).

The arrow will fill up with green when the player holds down left click, once released the ball will be hit in the direction of the arrow.

Player follows the ball, the arrow will be hidden at this point.

When the ball goes into the trigger I want that hole to end, showing your score in the middle of the screen.

This means that the amount of hits it takes to get the ball to the trigger needs to be recorded.

There also needs to be a kill script related to a trigger for levels with say water. it would just record one hit and put the ball back where it was before that shot.

If you could quote me how much this would look to cost!


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