Blueprint word means

Can you guys give me a site where blueprint word means writes I don’t know how to use blueprint and where to use blueprint words

What? I don’t understand…are you saying you want documentation/tutorials for beginners to blueprints or are you looking for something specific? This really doesn’t make sense.

@trolltime809 If you’re asking about compiled information about what all the blueprint nodes do, you should check out this channel: Mathew Wadstein - YouTube. Each video usually focuses on a single blueprint node and is generally quick and easy to understand.

No,For example i don’t know what means Color node.What i can do with that node or other nodes.For what they are have ? Or you explain it how it works ?

like these nodes, what they do if i place them? (example)

Have a look here, basic scripting explained:…ints/Scripting

Also, 600+ super short and informative nodes (and more) videos:…u8BszWL-7ePvco

And API: