Blueprint won't work in transition map

Hello !

It looks like no blueprint can be run from the transition map.

I tried to add a print string node in the level blueprint (both beginplay and tick) and in an actor BP that i put in the transition map (both beginplay and event) and the string is never printed.

When using the transition map as a regular map everything works fine, but when using it as an actual transition map (seamless travel between two playmap) it doesn’t work anymore.

I’m trying to disable every InputComponents in the transition map otherwise when i click the TM i get a crash because inputcomponent calls functions that shouldn’t be called in an empty map and i don’t want to put checkings everywhere in my code just to prevent crashes in transition maps.

So in case BP are not supposed to work in the TM, is there any workaround i could use to disable inputcomponent in it ?



Hey uced,

There is an issue with transition maps currently where they don’t seem to be able to contain any functionality: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-27437)
I think that’s probably what you’re running into when you say your blueprint isn’t working.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any way to disable the input component at this time.

Have a great day