Blueprint within a blueprint?

Hi, another silly question. I want to create a prefab of actors only, no blueprint code. Wondering if it’s possible to create modular blueprints to add into another modular blueprint?

Would make my job easier creating asset variants!


If I have understood correctly, you can use a Blueprint Macro Library. Look at the documentation. :slight_smile:

Thanks. That’s more for scripts though.

I’d like to have something similar to actors only. Just groups of objects I can mix and mash together.

Okay so here’s the work around.

  1. Create new blank scene. Place your objects / actors in the empty scene (like UE3). Place objects near origin (0,0,0)
  2. Select all the objects.
  3. In detail tab, (if you haven’t yet) expand Blueprint attribute > Replace With Composited Blueprint.
  4. Select folder you want the “Prefab” to go into and type in name of blueprint.
  5. This will save your selected objects into a new blueprint.

To create variants:

  1. Follow the SAME process above but at Step 2, create duplicates for your arrangement before you create your blueprint.
    2.Then rearrange your objects again your blueprints as you like.

I’ve still yet to figure out how to convert a blueprint prefab back into actors like UE3, If anyone knows let me know but that’s my workflow for now.

It’s not too bad :slight_smile: