Blueprint with facebook login

Hi All, I need a help, a tip or something that could lead me to a solution.

I´m developing a game that I need use facebook as a login and retrieve the user’s friends to list them on UMG.
I don´t know how to do this via blueprint. Does anyone know how to authenticate the user using facebook?

Please, help me! Any tip is very wellcome.

Thank you so much!!!

You will have to link with facebooks API, which will most likely (i could be wrong) require C++ development, I know of no node that can perform http communication.

I have been trying to get around it with C++ today i have started to grasp the logic behind it but the virtually none existent docs, are proving the task far more difficult than it should be…

They are trying really hard to work with interfaces and inheritance only to make it much harder to understand what is going on and what class does what…

Anyway if i am getting close to something i will be reporting back :smiley:

Well after going through it a bit more i finally realized i wasted my time.

First i have not been able to make it run out of the box but i experimented with the most important functionality (Login) and below is my report.

The Code is for Windows and IOs only and what it really does is open a browser window, OS Specific… and whatever is you default browser.
I am not entirely sure if it will not run on android though it is pretty clear that launching a browser out of game regardless of the OS you are using is very user unfriendly.

Finally as i said before the none-existence of docs makes even the slightest functionality as a login a pain to figure out… yeah after hours i now know how to use it… and that it’s useless too…

Best case will be to both wait for docs and a UMG web browser to come out so everything will be done ingame smoothly.


I can resolve your problem! I’ve just released plugin with Facebook implementation for iOS & Android! :smiley:

More info:

gameDNA studio

For anyone that gets here, the mentioned plugin Extended Facebook Online Subsytem seems to be dead as per the reviews.

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same any update from fb and google login integration?