Blueprint Wire Guides

My suggestion is quite simple. Please create an object that be placed in blueprint that provides no functional code difference but can be used to help “guide” wires for the sake of making the blueprints easier to read. See attached screenshot for a drawn example. In this screenshot a “Do Once” procedure is being ran and then a “Delay” is being used to pipe back into the “Do Once” resetting it. Currently this will always create a wire cross. With guides this could be avoided (as shown drawn below).


I think that Michael Noland mentioned in one of the streams ( can’t remember now which one) that something like that is already in the works and should be available in 4.3 ( don’t quote me on that though).

What would be the difference between this and a macro that has nothing inside it? Just create a blueprint macro, name it “Guide”, add one Exec input pin called “execute” and an Exec output pin called “then” and connect them.

Hey Pedro, that’s a great idea!

That is an excellent idea Pedro. Thank you for sharing it. I will start using it immediately.

I think Reroute node in 4.3 will help you

As zeOrb and Spiros mentioned, reroute nodes have been implemented in the main branch and will be in 4.3.

Michael Noland