Blueprint Window Help

this how my blueprints look and i want to open another blueprint similalry but it is empty
like this below

You can show the panels you need here:

Once you have the My Blueprint tab back, double-clicking Event Graph & Construction Script restores their tabs:

hello I’m in need of help! I just want the

1.components tab

2.blueprint tab

3.details tab


5.viewport,construction script event graph

in the same place, as in the picture below, but I cant find some of these

options like components, details tab, and viewport

I want to have all the components like in the 1st picture above

But when i open a blueprint that i have created and saved it shows empty like the picture below, and these is all i have in my windows options

plz help me, if you can plz contact me in my email here

Plz feel absolutely free to contact me, im in need of your help

What’s the parent class of MyObject that we see in the upper right corner, what is it inheriting from? If you’re inheriting from the base Object, the Components tab will not be available, for example.

In the very first image, the one with the boulder, we’re looking at an actor. You’ve created something that is not an actor, hence the missing interface elements.

Perhaps you meant to blueprint an Actor:


I’d rather not. Sorry.

this is how i did it
First I created an actor class than based on that class i created a blueprint based on that class

I think I know what’s up. You’re looking at a data only blueprint. Hold on. Try this:


Show Class Defaults and then Open Full Blueprint Editor. That should be it.