Blueprint Widgets: Change Image

Hi all,
I am trying to redo my HUD setup using UMG widgets. I want to have a health display that switches between pictures of hearts based on the player’s health (eg. a cracked heart is shown if they are on low health). I have created an image in the designer tab and put it in the place on the screen where I want my heart to go. Then, I made a series of branches in my HUD code that looks like this (the target pin you can see is linked to my widget reference):

It goes on, and sets a different image for each different health. When I run this and take damage, I can see it draws the damaged heart behind the current heart, rather than changing the image. How can I change the image?

Thanks in advance.

Here is what it looks like:


As you can see the cracked heart is displaying over the not cracked heart (yeah, I know the graphics are horrible!). It sometimes displays behind also. It seems to be random. Thanks for your help!

Actually, I have just fixed my own problem. The issue is that in my widget blueprint I set the default image to my not broken heart. When I went into my widget blueprint and changed the default image to none, it all worked. For some reason the default image was not updating previously. Thank you for your help!

Hey there, if you use set brush on the image it’s weird that he adds another image instead of replacing, can you place the health image someplace else and see if it does the same thing? A screenshot of the issue would also help.

Good to know :slight_smile: Please make that an answer and mark it as correct to close it :slight_smile: