Blueprint widget parenting crash problem


I have been trying to find a good approach how to create my UI menus in my game and I think I found the way how to do it. Just like it is popular to use component based frameworks when creating websites (Angular, Vue, React, etc.) I had an idea to create all my main widgets of different previously created components.

This approach could save alot time when I want to change the style of my menu (cause I only have to change the style of the component’s specification blueprint now) and also helps me to understand where problems appear, because I have much smaller areas to look for now.

However, I recently came across with this weird bug when developing my UI - If a widget is set to be the parent of another widget and that widgets child is added to its designer tab, opening one of those widgets will cause a crash. Now, this problem is in status “Won’ t fix”, but I read it could be opened again if it is important to someone.

I think the way I design my UI now, is pretty effective and would like to know if there is a way to solve the problem I face (even tho it is in status “Won’ t fix”). If the problem is unsolvable, would there be a way to atleast retrieve the logic I used in the Blueprint Editor.

Thank you in advance!

Hello again! There’s a false information about this bug report - the only version it affects is not 4.13.2, but also 4.16, which I’m currently using. Please confirm, also it would be great to know why the status is “Won’t fix”.