Blueprint Widget for Art Gallery

I am trying to build a user interaction blueprint for an art gallery. When a player enters a game actor’s event trigger (either distance or box trigger), they are presented with an hud asking whether they want more information–to hit “i” or “e” or right click to view that actor’s “information.”

In this case, the information would be a scrollable set of information (image, artist bio, work data and history) laid out like a printed page.

Extra credit: that page could also have hyperlinks to other research sources that could be selected, which would then spawn a web browser displaying the hyperlinked page.

Extra extra credit: All this information would be drawn from a database, not a created graphic.

I’m new to Unreal 5, and don’t know how to find relevant tutorials (it seems all the YouTube vids are about HUDs–does the information sheet count as an HUD?) And I even lack the vocabulary I need to search for good resources (i.e. I search for “Unreal Engine show info card on keystroke” but the results are so vast and jumbled that I can’t find what I’m looking for.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

So I’ve seen your recruitment post for this, this is easy to do. I may have some free time this weekend and can prepare a simple sample for you, FOR FREE. Save some money.

That would be awesome! If it works, I would 100% pay you for your time and effort.

BTW, a wise man once told me, “Rocket science isn’t rocket science to rocket scientists. It’s just what they do every day.”

This the sample: - Google Drive
In action: Gallery Widget Sample - YouTube
Let me know if you have any question.