BluePrint: When are the nodes Event Destroyed, and Event End Play called?

Have started trying to use either the event nodes of Event Destroyed and Event EndPlay, in order to inform other blueprints, that the blueprint is exiting the system (so that cleanup, etc. can occur). yet these events are never being called. When moving the blueprint using the editor.

When moving the blueprint within the editor of the level, the construction script is being called for each pixel the blueprint is being moved (seems like a very obvious place to improve the performance of the editor actually, if mouse button in released state, then call construction script, else no operation). yet there is no corresponding call to the Destroy node, or the EndPlay node. This may be by design of course,and these nodes are only invoked when the game is actually running.

Just need to know the logic that is being used.

end play is invoked when exiting the game using PIE, so I’m presuming that both nodes are only active, while actually playing the game.

Hello jayice,

These events are not called in the construction script because there is technically no instance of any objects created until the game begins playing. The construction script is executed before anything is created. Hope that helps.

Is there a specific issue that you need help figuring out, or was it more of a general question?

Have a great day,

Sean Flint

This was a general question, in terms of being able to rely upon the nodes being called at game time. We can argue about the objects not being created or are created, in a practical sense all day long, as in truth, they are created, the nomenclature may change, but there is an object being created of some form! lol

It would be very nice, if the construction script wasn’t being invoked, upon every pixel of movement (and yes it is), instead only being invoked, when the mouse button is no longer pressed, or if you will in a “released” state. This would reduce the “overhead/lag” significantly of the editor. Assume you have one Blueprint, or a system of blueprints, that are controlling let’s say 1000+ static meshes, each pixel of movement, is causing all those static meshes to be rebuilt, if the building is occurring in the “construction” script processing. Which hopefully it is being done that way, in order to reduce load time of the game, etc.

If you have time, could you look at my analytics question? For some reason turning on Anaylytics, for the local file system refuses to work, and I have yet to find an answer to this issue.

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