BluePrint vs Merge Tool vs by Hand and performance


I have a question about using meshes the right way. So first I created a mesh and it looks like that


Now I want to remodel the wall without boxes and add different boxes like this. There will be more different boxes with different shapes and details.

Later I wanted to have many different walls with different box compositions.
My question is which way is the best way to do this?
Shall I just put everything by hand in the level? So first a wall then the different boxes and then copy everything to get the next wall? I dont like this approach because its time consuming but I am not sure if this is not the best way?!
Or shall I create different blueprint components with different box compositions? And if yes is there any performance problems to do it like this?
Or is there another way to reach my goal?

Sorry for bad english and thank you very much for any help.

anyone? nobody has an idea?

You could create a construction script to build the walls. You could then expose a mesh variable so that you could change which mesh it uses. You could also have the construction script create instanced meshes to reduce your draw calls. It would take a little bit of work to create it, just depends on how much you have to do.

Thank you. But I know how to do the stuff. What I want to know is which method of “prefabs” brings the best performance?