Blueprint & VR/Stereo/Oculus Rift integration.

Hi there,

We’re taking a look at UE4, and the Oculus Rift integration - We have both Unity, and UDK experience with Oculus Rift, and are looking into blueprint/rift.

Could anyone give me a point in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

Start with the Wiki entry: Oculus Rift

More will be added with time.

Hi Kris, thanks for the reply

That page is sparse to say the least, I’m specifically looking at parenting camera yaw (and roll) to an animated object. This is trivial in the Unity Oculus integration and I’d be very interested in doing it for UE4.

Is it likely to be a blueprint issue, or separate c++, or (unlikely) part of the ue4 engine files?

One thing you might be able to look at is the example FPS character class, in particular what you are probably after is a combination of:

Input Axis Turn -> Add Controller Yaw Input

Input Axis Looup -> Add Controller Pitch Input

Coupling that with having your camera’s parented to a node which is the actual object being moved by the above actions.

…And i’ve just realized i may or may not be misinterpreting your question.

Do you instead mean pulling your yaw and pitch from a camera, to use on an actor?

To clarify - place a oculus enabled character into a vehicle, so that when the vehicle turns or rolls, the camera will also turn or roll.

Currently Oculus will completely override the viewing direction, ignoring any attempt to parent a player to a vehicle.

Your suggestion is perfect for a regular camera, just need to get Oculus to react like a normal camera would

Updated the Oculus Rift Separate View page.
The code is now taken from a project based on the public build, rather then the beta.
There is also information creating Blueprints for a similar affect.

The Oculus Rift page was also updated with info on console commands and config settings.

Massive thanks for the update, really really helpful. Cheers!

I would highly recommend not having the camera turn and roll with the vehicle, as it will easily induce motion sickness (Even with the new DK2 coming)

I’d recommend checking out the Oculus “Best Practices Guide” as it covers a lot of these concepts. You don’t want anyone giving up on your game just because they wrecked the car, which made them motion sick. It can be extremely disorienting when the camera just spins on you without any actual G-forces on the body.