Blueprint volumes lose size

Hey. I have different stream levels. In some of this levels, the volume of the placed Blueprint rescales, and gets way to big. See screenshot. This happened now twice, with no apparent reason :confused:

edit: made the question more clear. no native speaker sorry.

Hi n4rc0,

I just tested this in 4.6 and couldn’t get your results. Which version of the editor are you using?

Also, I just need some clarification. You said the right size is 0.1, but you didn’t change the scale. By default the scale is 1.0. Did you change the scale at all in the blueprint or in the editor?

I use 4.5.1. The scale changed itself somehow from 1 to 0.1, and still looks like when I placed the blueprint. The one which should have the right scale with 1 is way to big.

oh actually its only 0.01…

I tried to repro this in 4.5.1, but I still couldn’t get your results. Please bear with me, I’m going to go over the how these values work.

A Root component’s scale cannot be changed. You can change the value but the component will always stay the same size. This functionality was intended. To change it’s size you will either need to make a dummy component the Root and the Box a child of that component or adjust the scale of the entire blueprint in the editor.

Which brings us to that; the scale of 0.1 that you are seeing in the editors Detail panel is the scale of the entire blueprint. If this value is randomly changing like you mentioned above, then there is definitely some sort of error. This is the behavior you are seeing, correct? It should be 1 and it changes to 0.1 or 0.01 for no reason.

yes correct, thanks for helping out :slight_smile:

Values after placed blueprint

Values after the bug happened, still looks good, but wrong scale

This should be the right scale, but way to big

This is the blueprint

Maybe it will help if I create this blueprint again, and also save the game only with all streaming levels visible. Because I think this appeared after saving, with some streamlevels invisible. Updating to 4.6 might help too?!

Sure thing. Let me know if it pops up again after you recreate the blueprint or upgrade.



Hi n3rc0,

We haven’t heard back from you in a few days, so we are marking this post as resolved for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please feel free to post back here to let me know.