Blueprint visual scripting editor as standalone

I was wondering if it could be possible to compile the source code in order to make a standalone blueprint editor, that could be used to create scripts and save blueprints in text mode. The goal would be to create a light blueprint editor/renderer similar to that can be executed in low performance PCs without the need of the whole engine. I already looked at the git repo and understood how the engine is programmed, what I don’t understand is if what I’m trying to do is possible or if we would still need the whole engine behind. Would be nice to know what you think about this idea and if it could be useful. Thanks, have a nice day!

Considering the entire Tool Suite uses a Blueprints Interface in some form or fashion, not certain how beneficial that would be.

I’m really not sure I see the point? Blueprints are generally used to tie assets and code together and provide functionality within the engine / editor - if you remove said engine / editor, well?

I see both of your points and they make totally sense, my reason would be to prototype gameplay logic on computers that cannot run the full editor due to poor performances. I am a programming student and I’m using UE4 with some classmates, but PCs at our school aren’t powerful enough to run it. Being able to discuss visual scripts together outside of the editor would be helpful. Also it happens sometimes that an idea comes to my mind and it would be nice to write it down and visualize it on a pc instead than paper. Do you think this makes sense?

OT: let me know if you can think of a way to improve our team brainstorming workflow other than ink and paper :slight_smile:

Might be stating the obvious, but:

  • Take your laptop to your school, and use that instead
  • If for some reason you can’t, but the internet connection is stable, use TeamViewer to connect to your home PC
  • Write ideas in pseudo code or C++ instead of BPs, discuss existing Blueprint graphs on
  • Ink and paper is perfect for brainstorming :wink:

Hello everyone again,
in the end we managed to get a laptop that can handle UE4 without freezing every five seconds and we are using that to create and discuss blueprint graphs, along with ink and paper. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and reply!

Have a nice day!

i have the same problem, my pc can’t run unreal, i want to have a standalone blueprint editor so i can at least practice with it and learn , i’ll buy a pc in 2 years but right now i want to start learning blueprint editor,i watch youtube videos but i want to try it myself