Blueprint View pitch Max and deactivate character movment

Hi, i have problem with set pitch min and pitch max.

When my character work in the engine, everything works.

When you compile the game:

I suppose the blueprint “deactivate” does not work after compilation. Please help. Thanks

My blueprint:

I’m not to sure what your asking, did you change any of the values inside of the Camera Manager Class?
I made the mistake of rounding the values in there because I’m a perfectionist, it took me a few day’s to realise what the heck went wrong because I couldn’t rotate my camera at all haha

Very thanks, for your response, i have good settings in PCM …

Compiled game still does not have limitations pitch min and max pitch in the game. In the editor, I limit from 20 (pitch min) to 90 (maximum pitch). In the compiled game acts like a pitch -90 min and 90 pitch max. Anyone have any idea?

Do you have your custom PCM class set as default? (in player controller)