Blueprint Variant selection

I need help or an advise how to approach to the topic

I don’t know why my post was cut down to one sentence after approval …
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Hello. I need help or an indication of some approach to the topic

What do you mean by variant selection?

Why my posts are cut down to one sentence ?
Hello. I need help or an indication of some approach to the topic. I making a product configurator with about 100 variants.
Displaying a given variant should result from setting 7 switches
Six of them have a possible state of 0 or 1, and the last one a possible state of 0,1 or 2.
Changing the state of any switch changes the active variant in varian manager.
SInce I am not particulary “programmer”, I am looking for a clue where to look for solution.
So far, I came with solution that looks like this:
From the states of individual switches from UI, I need to generate sequence of 7 digits, whitch would be the name of a specific variant. So for example, 0010112 comes out of the switches in the UI and form the variant with that name “0010112” is displayed from variant manager.
However, I don’t know how to do it with blueprints. I am asking if this is the right way to approach this ? And how to do this with blueprints ?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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What is blueprint variant selection?

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Are we talking about these snazzy features?

Yes… it looks like I won’t be able to paste text here from google translate so discussion could suffer from my poor english… :slight_smile:
anyway… I need some more complex approach to this variant manager as (I hope) I explained above.