Blueprint Variables Map within Map

Hello. I am attempting to create a versatile minimap for my 3D user generated maze. The maze blueprint takes the width, height, and length of the maze (defined by the user) and fills each space with a random room out of twelve options. I got the maze to work the way it is intended and I’m moving onto the map. I want the map to display the layout of the Z layer of the maze that the player is currently in, and to change as the player ascends/descends. I figured the best way to do this would be with map variables. I have a blueprint structure for the info of each room (X position, y position, class, and reference), then I have another blueprint structure for the maze level with an Integer (level number) and a map variable for the room info struct. I would like to have a third structure containing a map variable of the maze level struct in a similar way as the map of the info struct. My issue is that when selecting what container I want the variable to be, the only option is an array (the ‘Set’ and ‘Map’ options are grayed out). If anyone has a simpler way to do this or a way to get a map in a map please help.