Blueprint use wrong values at construction script

I have noticed that when construction script run blueprint use the default values instead of per instance values This is huge problem on our project where enviroment settings are done per level basis. Basically those settings work on game but not on editor.

I have attached minimal project that visualize problem. There is mesh that use color that is set from blue print. It look different in game than in editor.

Edit: Bug is shown at NewMap.

Hi Jenny,

Unfortunately, I don’t think the blueprint within your linked project is going to work the way you want it to. You are setting the debug value to the directional light value, instead of to a new value. Do you have another example that this is occurring in? What is the end goal you are trying to accomplish?

I think you have misinterpret my meaning. Every value of components in blueprint that is set per instance is not initialized at construction script time and actually use the default value. But hose are set in game. I can’t link to our actual project because it’s too big.

What you mean with debug value?

This is how bug look like. In our real project I need to use directional light parameters for cloud shading. But this bug causes visual differences in editor and game. It’s also affect blueprinted sphere reflections to capture from wrong location.

Hi Jenny Gore,

I saw that you are already discussing this error on this thread:

For ease of assistance, I am going to close this thread, please continue the conversation on that thread so we can keep the relevant information in one post.