Blueprint USceneComponent children in Scene Outliner

I would like to request the option to see a BP actor’s SceneComponent based children within the Scene Outliner. Additionally if I select such a child in the Scene Outliner then I should see the appropriate Transform widget associated with that child’s local/global transform within the viewports. Finally, it would also be great to see the child’s Details be made available as well.

Hi JasonKng,

If you select a blueprint in the level, all of this information should be located in the Details Pane of your editor window. Additionally, you can switch between local and world transform in the viewport by pressing the globe or cube icon. The globe represents world transform and the cube is local transform.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for responding. I’m primarily asking for the ability to see and select the children’s individual transforms within the scene. The Scene Outliner felt like a natural way to select. Children can be moved relative to the root component and finding and debugging this information is not trivial like it would be if the SceneComponent based children could easily be accessed within the Scene Outliner. If I was able to select the children within the Scene Outliner, then it would also be great to see all of the selected child’s Details at that time.


Hi JasonKng,

I have entered a feature request, UE-13518 to be considered by the development staff.