Blueprint Update Animation Infinite loop detected


i just came up with this little problem… i really have no Idea what i am doing wrong.

I am rendering a 30 minute Video with a created sequence an at around 15-20 minutes this shows up. I really have no Idea what the Problem is, because all my characters are moving around just fine in this little preview window.

I do not see the problem given the information shared. I claim what you are trying to do should work. I am doing something very similar for my AI currently…

Maybe show the call stack to see a detailed description where it fails?

Thats another Problem, if i click call Stack i just get a description of where the problem did occur per path name… so something like this


Yes in my opinion this should be foolproof… i first thought maybe my AI gets stuck somewhere and it tries to repeat the same Animation over and over, but it cannot, because it is moving against a wall or something like that…

The mystery is: no AI is stuck anywhere! Everybody is moving and animating just fine!

I recreated the Error with a click on the Call Stack

How is BP AICHAR defined? What is its variable type and how is it initialized?

Does BP AICHAR have some Event which somehow make reference to this Animation BP?

How does your Actor make reference to this Animation BP?

It took me two days but your tip was the best! I had a character spawning and if it did not work then the character would be deleted and tried to respawn at another location. (Dumb workaround for another problem)

I now fixed my other problem and eliminated the workaround and now everything works :grinning:

It was a very very specific problem and i dont think it will happen again anywhere :rofl:

Thanks to ya all :v: