Blueprint: UDP Listener {request?}

Note: I come from a PHP/JS background, so C++ is a bit beyond the scope of my comprehension right now.

Is there a pre-existing Blueprint/Class which can act as a simple UDP listener?

In my imagination the class would essentially have…one public variable (port)(Although I guess a second for an IP address on the off chance that the machine has more than one).

Then the class would also have a function/event that would fire when data is received on that port, and then we could use all of the other great blueprint functionality to respond to those events.

Theoretically, this seems like something a C++ coder could do, building off of the FSocket class and HasPendingData/Recv, but I looked at that and almost threw up on myself, so there’s that.

Bump - I would love this. Is there an easy way to implement exactly this?