Blueprint tutorial serie. (not big yet)

Hello everyone!
I started a tutorial series about blueprint on youtube, I am trying to cover stuff that was not covered before. I only have 3 videos but I plan on uploading at least once a week and I am open to tutorial request.

Don’t hesitate to comment the videos and tell me what I could improve!

Well…I watched these month ago so if you want opinions what to improve: make these tutorials more often :slight_smile:

first one was poste not even a month ago and yess, I will make one each week at least :slight_smile:

wow nice, keep on going! I am soo watching all of these!

thanks! Do you guys think its bad that I dont voice these?

Some voice commentary in tutorials is always good but suit yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean voice does add a lot, but you making the content is already a HUGE plus. And don’t hate your own voice, nearly everyone does, heck I soo did and still do, JUST DO IT :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Thing is my voice is so bad people dont understand half of what I say, and it hurt bad after a few minute of talking…

4th tutorial is up! And it is a kind of test for my voice, I used a different mic and it is okay, Tell me if you want me to go back to text x)

Dude it is good :stuck_out_tongue: really

thanks haha. I guess I’m gonna post more than once a week after all.